Commercial Services

We provide a professional service for commercial environments

We’ve been installing, servicing and maintaining commercial heating and hot water systems for more than 25 years. As part of our service, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to suit your needs, from boiler installation in residential properties to boilers for the local authority sector.

With an experienced design team who can tailor their services according to what you need, as well as specialist engineers with knowledge across all types of heat sources, including electric units or solar panels – whatever solution suits you best is achievable through us!

Boiler Repair & Maintenance

We're an experienced, nationwide company that provides plant room maintenance, heating system repair, boiler and heater servicing and gas safety compliance.

Pipe lagging and installation

We provide surveys to calculate the standing losses from uninsulated pipes and will help you install energy-saving methods to prevent further loss.

Commercial heating system designs and installations

Whether you’re looking to increase energy efficiency, or a business that needs to increase its heating output - Our team can design & install a system that works for you.

Gas pipe installation and gas purging services

Our team can advise on the removal of combustible gases (purging) and installation of industrial piping, including pipe commissioning and decommissioning.

Maintenance of district heating schemes

Our company can provide a range of services, from full maintenance to repairs for district heating systems. Alongside general repair work for HIU's there is value added options like yearly monitoring programs, installation and reconfiguration plans where we assess your current needs against future expansions or developments.

Maintenance of all associated units

We maintain anything that is fed by a commercial system including domestic living units, kitchens, laundry rooms and communal areas.

Out of hours call-out

Our 24 hour helpline and reactive maintenance service provides emergency maintenance and repairs to commercial and industrial properties.
Well-skilled communal engineers

We directly employ communally qualified engineers in our workforce who are experienced in delivering work of this nature to a high standard.

Minimising Disruption

We offer a comprehensive service which includes maintenance works to ensure the efficient operation of the full system resulting in minimising service faults. Additional visits also include adjusting any controls, optimising settings and adjustments to building management systems.


We also work with industry leaders in the development and testing of new innovative solutions to improve service efficiencies for both our clients and their customers.

Stock control

We have existing relationships with communal boiler manufacturers Hoval, Potterton, Hamworthy, etc, whom we work closely with.