A commitment to sustainability

We are committed to promoting sustainability and completing work in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990, ensuring we have a positive impact on the environment. We do this by reducing negative impacts from activities, considering how sustainable materials can be used and limiting non-renewable natural resources use.

Gas Call Services is ISO14001 certified – one of only 8% of UK businesses that hold such certification. We also hold an Environment Agency Waste Carriers licence for transporting waste products safely

We’re committed to bringing awareness of sustainability practices and reducing environmental impacts. They work in partnership with clients who are likewise dedicated to advancing goals for the environment.

Environmental Policies

Sustainability constraints

We're conscientious company understanding the environmental and sustainability constraints relevant to our partners operations and as a business.

Environmental damage.

We're dedicated to minimising damage to the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels and plastics each year.

Sustainable products.

We actively aim for the procurement of sustainable products in the supply chain and delivery.

Recycling of waste.

Ensuring that the business and partners can physically re-use and recycle waste.

COSHH assessments.

We pride ourselves on being fully compliant with our production of COSHH assessments.

Minimising the carbon footprint.

We aim to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and we have set a goal of reducing our consumption by 5% per year.

Reducing emissions

A commitment to reducing the carbon footprint

Did you know that reducing your business’s environmental impact can also help save money? Let us show you how. We have set realistic targets to reduce the company’s impact on the environment within five years, and these include: 5% energy reduction per annum (covering fuel/electricity), 100% of our client’s properties will receive up-to date Energy Performance Certificates in time for 2020’s deadline; 0% waste sent to landfill by 2025; 20 % plastic use reduced each year.