Social value & impact

building better communities

We consider the wider social, economic and environmental effects, by applying benefits that actively contribute to the long-term welfare of communities in which they serve.

We also provide social value through community investment projects, charities, fundraising activities, training/up-skilling opportunities and their policies. Which allows them to maximise their benefits to various communities.

We understand that Gas Call Services can make a difference and give back to the community through contributions to social enterprise initiatives that can change neighbourhoods.


Bridging the skills gap

Gas Call Services invest in talent, to support our business whilst providing a lasting legacy of skilled tradespeople in the communities in which we have worked.

Apprentices are our future; therefore, we offer a range of Modern apprenticeships where you will be guaranteed a good salary; vocational qualifications; hands-on training; and work where you can make a real contribution.

Starting a career can be tough and daunting and it is easy to feel you might not have the experience, that is where Gas Call Services apprenticeships act as the ideal stepping-stone from learning to employment, supporting you every step of the way, providing not only the competency but the confidence to thrive.