Boiler Repair

Our Experience

Working on social housing contracts has been at the core of our business for over 25 years. We currently work with 15 social housing providers across mainland UK. Our clients include large urban and rural local authorities, general and specialist housing associations and housing co-operatives.

We have a clear understanding of what social housing clients expect to obtain from their heating contractors. This includes:

The health & safety of tenants and staff is a top priority

Full compliance with legislation and regulation

Excellent customer care skills

A Modern Approach

We apply a tailored, safe and transparent approach to delivering our services, which are of high standards:

Tailored/Customer-centric – Working closely with clients and customers, we tailor our procedures and processes to meet individual requirements, merging objectives to deliver a service which is driven by our clients and their customers.

Safe – We embed a Health and Safety culture within our workforce and service delivery to ensure the safety of our staff, clients’ staff, customers and the general public is always paramount.

High standards – We are devoted to providing a high-quality service, therefore we heavily invest in our workforce to develop their skill sets and apply a robust quality control system.

Added Value – We maximise partnerships by providing a service which goes beyond the standard contract requirements.

Customer Centric

We apply a tailored/customer-focused approach


We prioritise Health and safety within our service delivery.

High Standards

We are committed to delivering a quality service.

Added Value

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond.

What we can offer

Through our qualified engineers, we are able to offer a full range of products and services including:

Boiler maintenance and repair

We offer a 24/7/365 service, in which we aim to reduce disruption by first applying a soft fix function, followed by our achievement of response times and first-time fix.

Heating upgrades/installations

We execute installation work efficiently - resulting in completing projects on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the residents.

Boiler Servicing

We deliver a service programme which meets the client's individual requirements and provides the customer with the flexibility to book convenient appointments.

Renewable technologies

We support our clients in improving the energy efficiency of their stock portfolio, from carrying out EPC to servicing and repairing/maintaining numerous renewable technology appliances.

Quality & Management

Our organisational goals are dedicated to maintaining and improving customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, value and reliability. This commitment to quality service helps ensure we meet our client’s requirements.

Case Studies

Our recent projects