Canterbury City Council – delighted with our Commercial project

“We worked with Gas Call Services to design an entirely new boiler house for our residents of Thornhurst.

Our aim was to achieve value for money, delivering the highest possible specifications, making use of the latest technology and ensuring disruption to our residents was kept to an absolute minimum.

We now have in place a completely upgraded communal system with full remote access; that allows our contractor (Gas Call Services) to assess situations remotely, whilst improving service efficiencies via improved diagnosis, parts management, isolation of areas of the system rather than the whole system, allowing the system to remain working.

We are absolutely delighted at what we achieved in partnership with Gas Call Services, with minimum distribution to our residents”.

Shelley Brooker

Compliance Manager

Canterbury City Council

Refurbishment Project

Client: Canterbury City Council

Category: Commercial Central Heating Installations

Date: September 2020

Plant room installation – Removal of old plant to client specification, Installation of pumps, boilers, pressurisation unit, new gas pipe and flue system, new control plant and commissioning checks.

Weekly health and safety inspections, weekly updates with the site warden on progress and on the closing of each week we communicated with the warden on what we were doing – ensuring residents were not left without heat or hot water over the weekend

£165,000 Contract
2 Phase Project
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